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Create new personal cards for each sport and each new year


Upload photos and videos straight from your mobile device


Quickly search for your School Name and start entering your representative data


Add your personal stats and customize with your recent achievements


Showcase your cards on social media, Message to friends or Mail to coaches


Add photos that can be cropped, videos and filter your feed based on your sport

Why Athletes Choose DRAFTCARD

Why Student Athletes Use DRAFTCARD

Build your own shareable card and create as many cards as you’d like

Quickly search for your school and easily select your sport and position

Input your height, weight and GPA and add city, class, and level of play

Showcase the cards as images or to a live webpage and share on social media sites

Keep the game clock running

Are you an athlete? This app is built just for you! Take the lead on and off the field with DraftCard. Build your shareable profile stacked with legit action photos, highlight videos, sport, position, school/club name, and stats to maximize your athletic exposure!

Assure your chances of being noticed

Create multiple cards for each sport and each year. Sharing your achievements with friends and other athletes has never been easier. Become that impact player and start building your digital locker.

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