Frequently Asked Questions

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1What is DRAFTCARD™?
DRAFTCARD™ is a fast growing social app that allows student - athletes to create a shareable trading card. Athletes can create and connect their stats, highlights and video in their virtual locker™ directly to NCSA, the largest NCAA-compliant collegiate athletic recruiting network.
2What does Get Verified mean?
DRAFTCARD™ has partnered with NCSA, the world’s largest athletic recruiting network that helps student-athletes get scholarships. Getting Verified though a third party like NCSA, camps, combines or coaches confirms stats and profile information which is paramount to getting to the next level.
3What are the benefits of having a sharable trading card?
In the competitive world of the athletic recruiting, it’s important to increase your exposure and visibility. DRAFTCARD™ with its proprietary AR/VR/AI technology will change the way we view, interact, recognize, and share athletes profiles and talents
4What are the odds of getting a college athletic scholarship?
1% of Division 1 athletes earn a full ride scholarship. More than 94% of the college athletic programs are outside of Division 1.
5Is it important to create an online brand presence?
Yes most athletes today have multiple social platforms that they use to build their brand and gain visibility.
6At what age should a student-athlete create a DraftCard?
The recruiting process started yesterday. Due to the increase in social media and the competitive recruiting process, parents and children are finding new ways to show off their skill and successes. DRAFTCARD™ is the tool to set the athletes apart.
7What is the cost to create a DRAFTCARD™?
DRAFTCARD™ is a free downloadable APP available on iTunes and coming to Google Play for Android soon. A student-athlete can create one card per sport per year and store them in their own virtual locker to be able to share their videos, photos , stats and successes with others.
8Who is NCSA?
DRAFTCARD™ partner NCSA, is the world largest and most successful collegiate athletic recruiting network. NCSA’s team of more than 650 former collegiate and professional athletes leverages 17 years of exclusive data, proprietary matching algorithms, and personal relationships to connect tens of thousands of college-bound-athletes to more than 35,00 colleges coaches nationwide across 31 sports each year. NCSA website is at